Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Back again?

Hello world,

Finally there is another post by me. To be honest I had not much fun with the hobby the last few months. I was kind of fed up and after assembling the squads I looked at my painting table and thought "O man, why do have to paint this sh*t?". So I put everything in a box and left it on the shelf for nearly 3 months just to get my head clean. As my work was quite time consuming as well, this was the perfect apology for myself. ;)
Last week I just had the urge to start painting the army, but this time I have a plan to get it done quick and dirty. I bought a new can of Army Painter yesterday and will use it to get me through the painting phase as quickly as possible.

So I took my air brush, painted the first squad green and now I just have to paint the details in one color. I will upload some pictures of Squad Number 1 during the week with the short background story I gave it.

But for this post I have something else. I received a big package of bits from Great Britain this week and assembled the scriptor. I used parts from many different sprues, Forgeworld kits and the sword from Max Mini. Especially I like the shoulder plate from the Ravenwing set as I think it gives him a special look and feel. (I`m not 100% sure he is recognisable as a scriptor, so it would be nice to get some feedback.)
So, lets get to the pics:

So let me know what you think and stay tuned for more stuff!

Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Hello world,

First of all sorry for the long time you had to wait. To be honest I was kind of lazy last weekend and this week I had to go to the book convention in the beautiful city of Leipzig, but now I’m back in town and eager to publish a new post. So this is the promised picture heavy blog post. I start off with the second tactical squad (melta-gun and missile launcher).
The sergeant was supposed to be a veteran of thousand of battles, because of this I gave him the legs, the power fist and an arm from the FW characters upgrade pack. The squad itself is quite basic with some bionics sprinkled all over it. Here are some pictures of it:

The third tactical squad (plasma gun and lascannon) is quite basic as well. The sergeant is equipped with the bionical legs from the Iron Hands tactical squad, the combi-plasma from the Space Marine commander sprue and a helmet from the new Stormraven kit I got from a friend of mine. So here are some pictures of this squad as well:

Let’s go on to the dreads. We’ll  start with the GW one:

As you can see I just gave him a corona and I glued on a combat shield. The combat shield will have Sons of Medusa iconography and his name on it ones I finish it. 

This is the FW one I received last week:

It’s nothing special as I really like the original miniature. 

So these are the minis I assembled so far. Today I wanted to start airbrushing the first squad, but as I'm an idiot I forgot to buy paint. *facepalm* So I have to got to GW sometime this week and get some new Knarloc Green as this will be my base colour.
I hope to get the first squad done this week, but as I learned this week I won't make any promises I can't keep for sure. ;) 

Bye bye

Samstag, 12. März 2011

Get ready...

Hi out there,

I just got my first package from Forgeworld with the MK IV dreadnought in it and I assembled the other to 2 tactical squads and the GW dreadnought, but today I won't have time to write a big post so this is just a trailer for tomorrow. Be sure to come back as there will be a lot of pictures and text!

So I leave with this:

Montag, 7. März 2011

Hi again,
or better „Kölle Alaaf!“ Last week on Thursday the Cologne street carnival started and it swept my senses away, but the hang-over is gone and I’m back to work.
So today you will see the first pictures of my army. I completed building the first tactical Squad, but as I just had my first look at the pictures I realized there a still a few molding lines left I still have to shave off.  I did not glue on the Bolters yet as the painting is a lot easier without them. (The melta-gun is not glued on as well it’s just on the pictures so you guys know which one will be wielding the special weapon.)
So now some pics:

These are the first nine marines. The marine on the left in the first picture is the corporal, a rank non-existing since 3rd edition if I remember correctly, but I just wanted to get a special marine for leading one squad if I split the squad in to two. His left arm is bionic, but more on that.  In the last picture there is the melta-gun carrier with a gas-mask head and the heavy-weapon wielding marine.
Now on to the sergeant:

As seen in my list he is wielding a combi-melta and a power fist. This Squad is supposed to look a little bit more on the move, this is why I used all the assault marine legs I could find in my bitz box.
Before I started this project I tried to get as many different armor types from Forgeworld as I could find and pay for without getting bankrupt. I got a lot of MK VI ones so they are sprinkled all over the squads. I wanted the sergeant to show that he’s such an accomplished warrior he was given the right to wear an old baroque MK II armor and I think it’s doing a great job giving him a unique look and feel. Beside the different armor types I got bionic arms as well, some from Forgeworld as seen on the marine in the middle of the first picture and some from MaxMini as seen on the corporal. (BTW the helmet on the sergeant is from MaxMini as well.) And of course I got an Iron Hands squad from GW as well you can see one of their special Bolters on the last picture. I didn’t want to go all crazy about bionics and tried to only use it economically, so the marines with bionics get a little bit more attention. I tried to keep it as simple as possible so I can build one squad in up to three evening sessions. So it’s more or less just swapping weapons, heads and other bitz from different Space Marine boxes and using my big bitz box with items by 3rd party companies like MaxMini or MicroArt.
Today a package from Poland arrived with some really cool new close combat weapons. I just put a normal marine chainsaw next to it so you can get a feeling of how big they are. The axes and sword on the left hand side will be used with the two HQs of my army. The big chain blades have just been bought, because they look so awesome I just had to buy them. ;) 
Folks, that‘s it for today as Buffy just started on TV and, yeah, I kind of like it, but before I leave I just gotta tell you what will be up next. On my hobby table the second squad is mostly assembled and my first Dreadnought is mostly assembled as well. It is a normal GW one so I just have to think about something to make him a little bit special.
Goodbye folks!